4 more useful marketing tips for Christmas

With spending on the rise at Christmas, this time of year is lucrative for many businesses. If you want to make the most of every opportunity available, our four marketing tips will set your tills ringing this Christmas.

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Show empathy

Christmas is a time that brings out emotions in all of us, so play on that factor and inject empathy into your marketing campaigns. Don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, however. Tailor your campaigns accordingly, so that you relate emotions and empathy to different audiences. A child will feel different emotions at Christmas than an adult, so your marketing campaigns should focus on the features and feelings that best fit each demographic group.

Bring nostalgia to campaigns

According to Forbes, nostalgia is another route to empathy, but it’s a more powerful one that serves all demographics. There are lots of ways you can invoke feelings of nostalgia in your campaigns, including the use of bygone imagery, stories or music. Anything that makes people reminisce about times gone by can prove powerful in your campaigns at this time of year. Use nostalgia in a positive way, though, so that it invokes warm, feel-good associations linked to the past.

Food – the vital ingredient

Christmas and feasting go hand in hand, so add visual images of food to your campaigns to really whet your audience’s appetite. Even simply adding food images to the background can invoke an appetising mood that invigorates the senses. To ensure you get the imagery spot on in your campaigns for the desired effect, consider making use of professional marketing services.

Use festive wording

Incorporating Christmas feel-good wording into your marketing campaigns might feel a bit old hat, but it actually works. Festive buzzwords, such as ‘jolly, ‘merry’, ‘advent’, ‘celebrate’, ‘joy’ or ‘peace’, whether used in your campaign headlines or throughout your message, grab attention and set the right mood. If you’re not sure how to use Christmas trigger words to the best effect, Dublin SEO agency Ryco Marketing (http://www.rycomarketing.ie/) has the skills and expertise to advise you.

When using festive trigger words, it is important to get the numbers right. If you overdo it, this might ruin the effect or may even detract from your original message. Avoid using slang or words that may offend.