8 tips to successfully plan a small business event

Great events don’t just happen by chance, planning is key and success often lies in the details. Here are some tips for planning the perfect small business event.

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Plan your target audience

This will ensure that the rest of the decisions you make, such as choosing format, content, location and budget, will complement your objectives. You should also ensure that you have a clear purpose when you plan your businesses events to ensure that your main goal is supported.

List the details

Make a list of all the details of your event to ensure that you don’t forget anything and that everything runs smoothly. This should include everything from content and refreshments to lighting, transportation and parking.

Check the calendar

Ensure that you do not plan your businesses events at the same time as other organisations as you don’t want your target audience to have already committed elsewhere.

It is also important to understand your limitations and act accordingly. If you need to throw an event with just a short period to prepare, for example, keep it small or consider enlisting the help of a specialist events company such as http://davisevents.ie.

Work hard

Prepare to put in the effort to gain the maximum rewards. This should include the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan, as even the most fantastic of events will fail if no one attends. Also, ensure that you give people a good reason to attend. This could be a great freebie package, a leading speaker in the field or glamorous entertainment.

Use promotional opportunities

Make use of pre-events on social media to help promote your event. You could hold a Twitter chat or use YouTube to promote the event, use previous event videos or interviews with your speakers.

Delegate responsibilities

Delegate responsibilities and try to link up details with interests. For example, the office foodie would be the perfect choice for organising the catering. Find out more about effective delegation at http://www.forbes.com/sites/martinzwilling/2013/10/02/how-to-delegate-more-effectively-in-your-business/#4f447b512891.


Check on the details early and often. No one likes the idea of being micromanaged but you do not want to discover at a late stage that someone’s event duties have fallen by the wayside.

Deliver expectations

Set realistic expectations and make sure you deliver on the day. Your aim is to deliver a memorable experience and not just a ‘nice’ event.