The Coalition for Better Buildings (C4BB)

The Coalition for Better Buildings (C4BB) is an alliance of companies and organizations dedicated to improving energy efficiency of commercial and multi-family buildings.  Upgrading existing buildings is good business.  The C4BB is forged around policies to encourage building retrofit projects that will in turn accelerate jobs creation, cut wasteful energy consumption, and reduce environmental impacts.

For years, leading real estate, construction, finance, design, and manufacturing firms and organizations have been committed to making our built environment more energy efficient.  While the economic and political atmosphere in Washington, D.C. is understandably frustrating to many of us, it creates opportunities for the building industry to offer solutions that will spur new jobs, reduce waste, and maintain our nation’s technological edge in the global market place.  

National policies to encourage building efficiency retrofits are receiving heightened focus from Capitol Hill and the Obama Administration.  For example, in February 2011, President Obama announced the “Better Buildings Initiative,” with a goal to save $40 billion dollars a year by reducing the energy consumption of U.S. commercial buildings by 20 percent by year 2020.  The C4BB seeks to ensure that the building sector continues to inform efforts like the Better Buildings Initiative, and on-going programs at the U.S. Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency,  and other agencies.  The C4BB has thus convened to offer an aligned voice for workable, feasible, and achievable programs that will get Americans back to work by encouraging upgrades of our nation’s building infrastructure.        


  • Propose policy solutions from commercial and multi-family building stakeholders to foster greater energy efficiency in the structures we own, manage, finance and service.
  • Save businesses billions of dollars every year by reducing the energy used in commercial and multi-family buildings.
  • Create jobs through building efficiency retrofit projects that will put the construction, manufacturing, and service sectors back to work.  

Who We Are: The Coalition is made up of industry leading organizations and firms representing real estate owners, financial institutions, builders, contractors, building managers, large tenants, energy service companies, building efficiency manufacturers and suppliers, environmental and efficiency advocates, architects and engineers, and other stakeholders. For over 30 years, these organizations and businesses have been advancing, supporting, building, and managing better buildings.  

What We Do: The Coalition for Better Buildings is an advocate for designing, building, upgrading, and operating Better Buildings for sound economic and environmental reasons. The goals of the coalition are to:

  • Advocate for policies and programs that will enable the commercial and multifamily buildings sector to advance the goals of greater energy efficiency, such as modifying federal  tax incentives for energy efficient commercial buildings, improving benchmarking tools including the expansion and enhancement of Energy Star, suggesting, credit enhancement mechanisms that trigger private investment, and encouraging tenant-based initiatives such as energy-aligned leases ;
  • Spur actions, initiatives and programs to advance strategies for better buildings;
  • Coordinate and support activities among major private sector and non-governmental stakeholders, the White House and relevant federal, state, and local agencies;
  • Convene leaders in the building industry (owners, tenants, and management companies) to determine needs and opportunities for early action;
  • Collect and Disseminate information about success stories and best practices;
  • Highlight the leadership of coalition members in creating better buildings.