Design ideas for small offices

People are working more flexibly than ever, with working at home increasing significantly over the past couple of years. This means more and more of us are looking to create an office space at home that is both functional and designed to provide everything you need from an office. If you are looking for design ideas for a small office, there are plenty of small office designs that are both simple and affordable.

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Clever storage ideas

One great space-saving idea when planning office rooms is using vertical shelves. Not only is this pleasing on the eye but also it can cleverly store all the bits and pieces that you will need throughout the day without cluttering up an already small space.

If you have lots of cables, it is a good idea to box these in, which can be done when you install your shelves. This means that your office will not look untidy and will also reduce the risk of you tripping over them!

Another fantastic way to give your office a more spacious feel is to use a pin board behind your desk, or even some wallpaper. This can help to train the eye away from your desk, which is likely to be cluttered with work papers. There is some fantastic information available online if you are looking to create a small office space.

Creating space in an existing room or in the garden

Many people like to incorporate a study area into an existing room, such as a kitchen or bedroom. This can be particularly beneficial where space is at a premium and you do not have a spare room for an office. A hidden desk can conceal the workspace when you are not using it and your office can literally be hidden away!

Many people are also using their gardens to create a unique office space. With so many different office designs available for the garden from specialists such as, this can be a good way to save your indoor space whilst giving you a separate area in which to work.

Creating a functional small office in the home of garden can be achieved for most homes, while even the smallest of homes can benefit from built-in storage ideas, clever shelving and hidden desks.