A key C4BB objective is to improve the existing 179D tax deduction for commercial buildings.  Tax reform is needed so 179D rewards buildings that actually and verifiably reduce energy consumption.  Also, 179D can be improved to allow a greater spectrum of building owners and tenants to claim the deduction, for success in improving their energy performance.   



  • Senate Letter to Geithner and Zients on Energy Taxes
    Letter to the Department of Transportation Secretary, Tim Geithner, and Office of Management and Budget Acting Director, Jeffrey Zients, in support of tax policies that will improve energy security and grow the U.S. economy. Signed by Senators Snowe, Bingamin, Feinstein, Kerry, Cantwell, and Carper. (February 10, 2012)
  • Better Buildings Initiative Factsheet
    President Announces Nearly $4 Billion in Public and Private Investments in Building Upgrades as Part of Better Buildings Initiative
  • 179D Legislative Brief
    Encouraging Building Energy Improvements and Creating Jobs through Tax Incentives
  • 179D Reform Letter to Senators Bingaman, Feinstein, and Snowe
    Letter on behalf of real estate owners, builders, contractors, building managers, energy service companies, building efficiency manufacturers and suppliers, energy efficiency financing sources, environmental and efficiency advocates, architects and engineers, and other stakeholders who believe that modifications to the Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction (Section 179D of the Internal Revenue Code) could increase its effectiveness at encouraging retrofits of existing buildings.