Pack it like a pro

Packing for a holiday can feel like a bit of a chore and if you’re anything like, you’ll forget something essential! It’s tricky when you’re packing for yourself, the other half and two children. With the excitement looming, this is the last trial before you can head off for some much needed fun and relaxation. Here are some handy reminders of those holiday essentials that you mustn’t forget to pack and a few tips on the art of packing itself:

A First Aid Kit – it doesn’t have to be a bad omen to pack a small bag of essentials like plasters, paracetamol and some antiseptic cream. It might well save a awkward and laborious trip to find a local chemist in whatever country you are in.

Space – don’t cram your suitcases so full that you have to sit on them to get them closed. Part of the joy of going on holiday is the interesting things you might want to buy while you’re there so you’ll need some space for bringing back goodies and gifts.

Minimal – unless you’re going somewhere incredibly remote, chances are you will be able to pick up shampoo and shower gel somewhere local. A good idea to save space and because you don’t want to worry about toiletries on your first night away, is to buy a travel beauty pack with all the essentials to last you until need more. For Nivea Travel Kits, visit

Rolling – if you’ve never tried this before then give it a go. Try rolling all your clothes as this will prevent ultra wrinkly clothes on unpacking and frees up so much more space. You’ll be amazed!

Categorise – if you hate the rigmarole of unpacking on arrival then spend a few minutes categorising your clothes as you pack them. Shirts with shirts and trousers with trousers, you get the idea. This will save you precious holiday minutes when you first arrive.

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Tags – some people say you shouldn’t put details on luggage tags but unless you’re an international spy, I wouldn’t worry too much. You don’t need to supply your address but certainly your name isn’t going to hurt and it may help the airline to identify it quicker in the unfortunate event of you or them losing it.

Weight – read the allowance for your airline and stick to it. Weigh your bags before you get to the airport if you can to avoid any nasty surprises otherwise you might be handing over extra money or worse, having to dump your precious clothing in the nearest bin!

Shoes – while it’s tempting to imagine that you’ll need a pair for each amazing outfit you will wear to all those glorious nights out you’re going to have, in reality we really only need about 3 pairs. Take versatile pairs and wear your heaviest on the plane while saving space and storing socks in the others.