Top Foods You Must Try When in the Caribbean

There’s more to the Caribbean than just the beautiful weather and beaches, and no trip is complete without tasting the region’s sensational delicacies!

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The Classics

When most people think about typical Caribbean food, their first thoughts are chicken and rice, jerk and probably fresh fish and fruit. We’ll move on to the lesser known dishes next but firstly, let’s celebrate the obvious choices! With all of the water around, there’s no doubt that seafood plays a big role in traditional cuisine. Whether in a shell or fished straight from the ocean, you can enjoy stews, steaks or grilled seafood across most of the islands.

Similarly, jerk is a signature flavour of mainly Jamaica and describes a smoked or grilled meat packed full of flavour – no British supermarket version can compare! Be sure to taste the famous jerk curry, Pepperpot, too. Finally, you may be accustomed to a traditional English roast pork Sunday lunch, but try roast pork in the Caribbean and you will wonder how pork could ever taste so good! Saying that, Taste of Home shares a recipe for succulent Caribbean roast pork that you could try to replicate once you’ve tasted the real thing.

Be Adventurous

If on your trip to the Caribbean you fancy getting a taste of authentic Caribbean, then ensure you visit some of the more remote areas rather than simply bypassing the real culture via the main touristic areas. If you want some advice on the best all inclusive Caribbean resorts then take a look at, which features the best of the region. Their genuine reviews will give you inspiration for your trip – with their help you might even be able to pinpoint specific restaurants or shacks that you just have to visit!

Getting to know the islands’ individual cultures means living like the locals. Join them as they eat enormous sea snails called Conch in the Bahamas (like a much bigger clam) or Callaloo (a very special vegetable dish) in the Dominican and Trinidad & Tobago. As unusual as these delicacies seem, goat stew might not exactly tickle your tastebuds either. But, on a visit to Montserrat or the Cayman Islands, you’ll surely see this dish on a number of menus, featuring broth, cloves and sometimes even a goat foot or two!