What makes your style?

Everybody has their own unique style and it doesn’t always have to be about clothes. The things that you do and like will effect what clothing choices you make and style is about how you want the world to see you and reflects the things you enjoy about the world. Your style is saying things about you without you having to say a word. There are many things that influence what you wear apart from the usual media hype, popular designers and peer pressure. Here we take a look at some other factors that have an effect on your style.

Where you live in the world will undoubtedly affect what you choose to wear every day. Need to know what to put on? Check the weather. Your style is going to be markedly different if you’re living in Alaska as opposed to Barbados. This affects the essential must-haves that you will need in your wardrobe possibly more than any media hype surrounding the latest hip trend. Winter essentials are not going to do much good if the temperature never drops below 20 degrees Celsius.

What you do with your spare time is also going to dictate your style to a certain extent. If you like to skateboard then you’re more likely to wear casual clothes that form part of this culture. If you’re an outdoorsy type then you might be drawn to the urban lumberjack look. The things that you enjoy, you want to project to others in society as a part of belonging to a certain group of people who enjoy the same activities.

Playing or watching sports is also going to have an impact on your choice of garments. A lot of current fashion has it’s roots in sport, casual wear especially. Whether you’re wearing these clothes to enable you to partake or you’re wearing clothes that support specific teams, there is no doubt that sport has a significant impact on men’s clothing particularly. For Mens Designer Clothes, visit http://ejmenswear.com/.

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Whether you like it or not, your job will also contribute to the style you adopt. If you have a uniform, then great, you can do your own thing as soon as you knock off. If you don’t, then a sizable chunk of your income will be going on clothes suitable for work. Corporate attire is a bit more restrictive and you’ll have to dress in a way that society expects you to. Relaxed dress codes will at least give you a little more scope to make individual statements.

The people that surround us in our daily lives also affect our style choices. We have a strong desire to fit in and be accepted as human beings and we often seek approval. You will most likely make choices based on what will be most attractive to the opposite sex, doesn’t stand out too much and is similar to what your peers are wearing. Your social surroundings therefore play a massive part in how you choose to style yourself.